Cat Feeding

Cat feeding Northampton

Millie and Oscar

Everybody knows cats like their own territory and environment. We offer a cat feeding service where we come to your house while you are away. You can have a stress free trip knowing your cat is staying in it’s own environment and that your house is being checked on daily. Each visit will be be 30 minutes and will include feeding, fresh water, litter cleaning and playtime. You can rest assured that you will return to a happy cat and a secure home. Along with feeding and spending time with your cat, the visit can include:

  • Watering of plants
  • Security check on your home
  • Opening/closing curtains and leaving lights on/off
  • A fresh pint of milk for your return
Cat feeding Northampton

Cat feeding Northampton



£8 per visit. £15 for two daily visits*

*Bank holidays charged at double rate







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