About Us



My name is Joe and I am the founder of Stone’s Pet Services. Myself and my wife ran a successful pet care business for 4 years in London, relocating in 2014 to be closer to family.  We now run a friendly and reliable pet care business based in Northampton.

Myself and my wife have both had various pets, including dogs, cats. snakes, hamsters, mice and chinchillas. I grew up with my two dogs Misty and Sally. We re-homed Misty from a shelter at 4 and Sally as a puppy two years later. Emma had an English Bull Terrier – Bodger, who was rescued at the age of 1. Unfortunately they have all now passed away. We have also had 2 cats, Millie and Oscar and three chinchillas; Dusty, Shadow and Baloo.

Shadow and Baloo


I began work in an office environment without having any real passion for what I did. I wanted a change. Many friends and family have complained about the difficulty of having their pet cared for while they go away. Having had the experience myself, I wanted to create a service that made going away a much less stressful experience for pet owners and their pets. I wanted to do something that I really cared about and would enjoy. This led me to create Stone’s Pet Services.

Millie and Oscar

Our aim is to create a home from home for people’s pets while they go away or are at work, so that they can have a stress free place to leave their pet.