About Us



My name is Joe and I am the founder of Stone’s Pet Services. Myself and my wife ran a successful pet care business for 4 years in London, relocating in 2014 to be closer to family.  We now run a friendly and reliable pet care business based in Northampton.

Myself and my wife both grew up with various pets, including dogs, cats. snakes, hamsters, mice and chinchillas. I grew up with my two mongrel dogs Misty and Sally. We re-homed Misty from a shelter at 4 and Sally as a puppy two years later. Emma had an English Bull Terrier – Bodger, who was rescued at the age of 1. Unfortunately they have all now passed away due to old age. We also had 2 cats, Millie and Oscar. We have three chinchillas; Dusty, Shadow and Dinky.

Shadow and Baloo


I began work in an office environment without having any real passion for what I did. I wanted a change. Many friends and family have complained about the difficulty of having their pet cared for while they go away. Having had the experience myself, I wanted to create a service that made going away a much less stressful experience for pet owners and their pets. I wanted to do something that I really cared about and would enjoy. This led me to create Stone’s Pet Services.

Millie and Oscar

My aim is to create a home from home for people’s pets while they go away or are at work, so that people can have a stress free place to leave their pet.

Every pet should be fed and given water regularly, be kept clean, groomed and exercised. They should also be provided with adequate heat, light and ventilation. I will be vigilant about security and safety issues at all times.