Puppy Care

If you have a new puppy and feel bad about having to leave them for a long period during work we can help. This period can be made a lot easier for you with our puppy care service. The first few months of a dogs life are vital in their development, with general behavioural training and toilet training hugely important in this time.

There is a difficult period where puppies want to do more than they can. It is important not to over exercise puppies due to their musculoskeletal development. Too much exercise at a young age could cause joint problems as an adult. Our puppy care service can help out during this time. Our time (depending on age) can include:

  • A short walk reinforcing early training
  • Topping up water and feeding if required
  • Cleaning up any accidents
  • Playtime

Puppies must be older than 8 weeks and be fully vaccinated to go on any walks.

During this time as their stamina builds and they grow they can then move on to our longer walks and then day care if required. It’s a great way to get your puppy socialised with other dogs from an early age too.

Dog Walking Northampton

Dog Day Care Northampton

For more information or discuss your specific needs, please call 0781 786 2423 or email – joe@stonespetservices.com


£7 per half hour visit

£12 per hour visit